All-On-4 Dental Implant Dentures

If you are looking for a convenient and cost-effective tooth replacement system that provides the most long-term stability, choose All-On-4 dental implant dentures from ABQ Dentures. We are leading denture specialists who are proud to offer this breakthrough method in fixed implant dentures. The All-On-4 implant system uses as few as 4 dental implants to support a full arch of lower or upper teeth. All-On-4 dentures are a permanent tooth replacement option that allows patients to speak, chew and laugh with confidence. In addition, it requires fewer appointments and more benefits than any other method in implant dentures. Your All-On-4 implant dentures can even be delivered in a single day!

Our goal at ABQ Dentures is to provide comfortable, patient-centered care while restoring your smile with excellence. In order to mimic your natural teeth as much as possible, we highly recommend the All-On-4 implant system. With dental implants, you can regain a more confident smile in terms of both aesthetics and function. Dental implants involve the surgical placement of a titanium post into your jawbone, which acts as your artificial tooth root. Your dentures can then be anchored to the dental implants to create a secure smile while also stimulating the surrounding bone.

Advantages of Implant Dentures

All-On-4 implant dentures offer a number of significant benefits. For many patients, this innovative tooth replacement system is a new reality. If you have avoided dental implants in the past due to expense or inadequate bone quality, All-On-4 may be the answer you are looking for. The advancements in implant dentistry make it possible to not only use fewer implants to secure your dentures, but these innovative designs require minimal bone structure to do so. Therefore, patients can avoid costly bone grafting procedures and still get the top quality teeth replacement solution they deserve.

Our Albuquerque practice is proud to offer patients the following benefits using implant dentures:

  • Low Maintenance Albuquerque NM

    Low Maintenance

    By securing your dentures with dental implants, there’s no need for messy adhesive creams. With the All-On-4 system, your dentures will be fixed into place, which means you can care for your replacement teeth the same way you would your natural teeth, without removing them at night for special cleaning and soaking.

  • Dietary Freedom Albuquerque NM

    Dietary Freedom

    A notable advantage for implant denture wearers is the ability to eat the foods you love as well as the foods your body needs to stay healthy. Without the worry of your dentures slipping when you chew, you won’t be restricted to a soft foods diet (which is often rich in carbohydrates). This allows patients the ability to enjoy fiber-rich fruits and vegetables that boost long-term health.

  • Faster, More Convenience Albuquerque NM

    Faster, More Convenience

    With our cutting-edge technology and highly advanced imaging, we can often complete implant dentures in a single day. Our dental implant placement is extremely precise, which reduces the amount of time needed for healing and recovery. With our streamlined process, you can benefit from fewer visits and more time enjoying your new beautiful smile.

  • Ultimate Self-Confidence Albuquerque NM

    Ultimate Self-Confidence

    There is no question that a confident smile leads to an improved quality of life. We believe the All-On-4 implants are the most trusted solution for gaining a reliable, long-lasting smile. In fact, dental implants carry an exemplary success rate in terms of longevity.

  • Prevent Bone Loss Albuquerque NM

    Prevent Bone Loss

    An important yet less obvious benefit to implant dentures is the prevention of bone loss that often occurs after missing teeth. Dental implants prevent the bone shrinkage process because the titanium post stimulates the bone just like your natural tooth root. Therefore, All-On-4 implant dentures can protect your jawbone and overall facial appearance.

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The function and appearance of your smile has a dramatic impact on your overall well-being. Therefore, we proudly give patients the opportunity to invest in the most superior solutions available. When choosing All-On-4 implants, you can trust that our denture experts will use careful treatment planning and analysis to ensure you receive ideal results. Contact ABQ Dentures today to schedule your consultation. During your initial consult, we can address your concerns and provide all of the information you need to make an informed decision, including pricing and details on what to expect during your All-On-4 implant procedure.

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