Are Your Dentures Uncomfortable? You May Need a Denture Reline

Albuquerque NM ProsthodontistsFor denture-wearers, comfort is a necessity. Thus, when dentures become slightly uncomfortable over time, patients wonder what has changed concerning the fit of their dentures. In a majority of these cases, patients have had one or more teeth extracted prior to receiving their dentures. It’s important to understand—when a tooth is removed within the alveolar bone tissue, it begins the process of resorption. This is the breakdown of bony material at the cellular level. While the material is then distributed throughout the body, dentures fit differently as gum tissues change shape. Fortunately, when dentures become uncomfortable, a denture reline can help.

A denture reline is a simple procedure that reshapes the underside of the denture to make it rest on gums securely and comfortably. There are two types of denture relines—soft relines and hard relines. A soft denture reline is perhaps the preferred choice for many, as it tends to be more comfortable. Additionally, a soft denture reline is conveniently performed in-office, allowing the patient to give input on its fit during the same appointment. While it is a quick procedure, however, a soft reline may require occasional adjustments. This is because it is comprised of a soft, porous material.

By contrast, a hard denture reline is performed using a hardened material comparable to the base of the denture. As one can assume, a hard reline provides a more permanent, longer-lasting solution, when compared to a soft reline. While both a soft and hard reline can be performed chairside, there are some instances when it’s necessary to have dentures relined offsite, in a dental lab. This means that the patient will have to go without their denture for a short time. Even so, while this is a clear disadvantage for some, having a  denture relined is a great way to avoid the cost of a new denture.

Your Denture Specialists

At ABQ Dentures in Albuquerque, Dr. Darren C. Norby and Dr. Peter Roukema are your denture specialists. Because our practice is specifically dedicated to dentures, we can guarantee the highest quality experience for our patients. Thus, if you find that your dentures are not as comfortable as you would like, call ABQ Dentures today. We proudly offer a full menu of denture care services, including relines that fulfill your needs and your budget. Call today!

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