Partial vs. Complete Dentures

Albuquerque NM Denture SpecialistsWhen it comes to replacing missing teeth, a thorough examination of an individual’s oral health (past and present) as well as any remaining teeth is important. For instance, if a patient has a good number of teeth remaining that are healthy, it would make more sense to look into the idea of a partial denture, right? On the other hand, if an individual is missing the majority of their natural teeth, or if many of their natural teeth need to be removed, one may assume that a complete denture would be the best solution. Even so, many remain indecisive concerning partial versus complete dentures. For this reason, it’s important to look at the differences between the two.

As a removable type of denture, partial dentures are generally a good choice for patients with remaining teeth that are healthy. After all, there is simply no reason to extract teeth that are in good condition or those that might be used as anchors for the denture. For the most part, partial dentures are comprised of an acrylic and metal frame with clasps that lock into place alongside natural teeth, seamlessly filling in areas of missing teeth. By contrast, complete dentures, also called full dentures, are usually recommended for those with a large number of missing lower and upper teeth.

In some cases, individuals have many natural teeth remaining, yet the teeth are loose or decayed. To prepare these patients for dentures, the teeth will first need to be removed or extracted. While the patient can receive an immediate complete denture following the procedure, it’s important to understand that the denture will likely need to be refitted or relined. This adjustment becomes necessary as damaged gums shrink and tighten in the healing process. Patients also have the option of receiving a traditional full denture to replace their immediate full denture, after healing is complete.

Regardless of which solution you are leaning towards, perhaps the most important thing to remember is not to delay getting treatment for your missing teeth. While eating and speaking becomes difficult with missing teeth, the remaining teeth begin to shift over time, resulting in severe misalignments and bite problems.

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