Promote Blood Clot and Counter Bleeding After a Tooth Extraction in Albuquerque, NM

After a tooth extraction procedure at ABQ Dentures, you can finally say that your ‘storm’ is over. No more painful tooth, no more rotten-looking pearly white, and most especially you have survived hours of being in the dental chair. What you should rather do next is secure the success of your treatment by practicing the right post-treatment care. You need to ensure the formation of a blood clot as it plays a vital role in hastening the healing process. Be aware that the site where an extraction took place may bleed during the first days. There’s nothing to worry about this normal occurrence as you can always minimize it with the appropriate steps.


Ways To Promote Blood Clot

There are things that you need to observe and stop doing to help blood clot form effectively. Some of which include the following:

Avoid Smoking

Simply put away your cigarettes for 48 hours after the treatment. Smoking can create another infection in your mouth and delay your recovery process.

Vigorous Chewing And Cleaning

Munching foods using the part of the mouth where a tooth removal procedure is done can disrupt the development of blood clot—same goes if you will brush or rinse your mouth in a forceful manner.

Quenching Hot Drinks

It may not be helpful to drink a cup of coffee or hot choco for 24 hours following the tooth removal. The reason is that it can dissolve the potential blood clot.


Tips To Manage Bleeding

If you are not comfortable with the bleeding that is happening inside your mouth, just follow the points below. These will help you minimize the discomfort.

  • Do not sleep with head laying flat on your bed. Use your pillow to elevate your head. That way, you will be able to control the bleeding.

  • Another way to stop the bleeding is by biting firmly on the gauze or cotton provided by the dentist. However, if you notice that it is already wet with blood, replace the cloth with a new one.

  • Avoid using a straw or sucking the part where the extraction is performed.

  • You can easily reduce the bleeding by utilizing a tea bag. Any variants will do. Simply bite on the moistened tea bag for 30 minutes—this is enough time to allow the tannic acid of tea to be absorbed by the affected area.

For further instructions, you can contact us at ABQ Dentures. We are ready to answer any of your questions concerning Teeth Extractions in Albuquerque, NM.


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