Signs That Call for a Denture Repair

Dentures have been available for a long time now, and for the past few years, it is still being improved to become more durable and natural-looking to cater to the needs of many. However, despite these enhancements, some instances can cause the appliance to become damaged. That said, it is essential for patients to learn the right care and maintenance for the device. If there are unnatural causes that lead to the damage of the appliance, it is vital to seek the assistance of the dentist rather than do self-repair. For everyone to be aware of the signs that indicate the need for denture repair, here is a list ABQ Dentures prepared.

Change in fit

When creating dentures for a patient, dentists take accurate impressions to make sure that the appliance offers the best fit possible. That is why, if a patient notices that the device became wobbly, this may be caused by the wear and tear from its daily use. It is highly advised for patients to consider repairs every two to three years to make sure that the dentures retain its good fit to the mouth.

Sores and irritations

Although it is also common for patients to experience sores and irritations when wearing dentures for the first time, this eventually disappears after the mouth adjusts to the appliance. However, if these discomforts persist long after the supposed adjustment period, this may indicate the need for denture repair. It is best to address the issue with the dentist so that they can fix the problem that is causing irritations and sores to the soft tissues in the mouth.

Broken teeth

Accidentally dropping the appliance can cause it to crack or lose a tooth. When this happens, self-repair should not be practiced. Using over the counter kits, especially, home items like glue are not advisable since it can cause the dentures to fit irregularly in the mouth.

Trouble chewing

At first, it is normal for denture-wearers to have trouble eating, but as they continue to practice with the appliance, they would eventually get the hang of it. But if issues persist, this may indicate the need for repair. Dentures are supposed to give patients the chance to chew as normally as they did before.

Stains and foul smell

With dentures, patients are highly advised to practice good oral hygiene. That is not only to keep the appliance clean but healthy as well. If caring for dentures is neglected, know that it can cause the oral device to look unsightly and smell unpleasant.

With all these signs provided, make sure to monitor the state of your oral appliance for actions to be sought immediately when spotted!


Take care of your dentures well since the appliance preserves the state of your overall oral health. If problems are spotted, make sure to schedule Denture Repairs in Albuquerque, NM! Call or visit us at ABQ Dentures to get started.



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