The Risks of Having Missing Teeth

From poor hygiene and tooth decay, to gum disease, injury or trauma, there are many causes for missing teeth. Yet, like other dental problems, there are considerable risks associated with having missing teeth. That’s why dental professionals urge patients to consider their options for replacing their missing teeth quickly.

DocShop reports that tooth loss can cause immediate problems with eating, speaking and other basic activities. Over time, surrounding teeth shift in an attempt to fill in the spaces where teeth are missing. Consequently, this creates serious bite issues, as teeth are misaligned. What’s more is that an individual’s bite becomes severely crooked, and may require orthodontic treatment. Perhaps most importantly, missing teeth impair the overall structure of an individual’s mouth, resulting in additional tooth loss, pain, decreased functionality and even an aging appearance.

Replacing Your Missing Teeth

Extraordinary advancements in dentistry have provided many options for replacing missing teeth, some of which are permanent. These are dental implants and implant-supported dental bridges, to name a few. Without question, implant dentistry is a highly effective and successful way of stabilizing false teeth, as titanium screws are positioned into the jaw as “artificial” tooth roots.

Even so, dentures and dental bridges remain reliable solutions and perhaps the best non-surgical options for replacing missing teeth. Modern-day dentures are customized to suit a patient’s needs, whether they require a complete or partial denture appliance. With state-of-the-art materials and a consideration of different textures and shades, the outlook on dentures is now more positive than ever.

Do You Have Missing Teeth? We Can Provide The Most Rewarding Experience Possible

Drs. Norby and Roukema of ABQ Dentures combine extensive training and expertise to repair and restore smiles throughout Albuquerque and surrounding areas. In fact, they’ve dedicated their entire practice to delivering high quality dentures with faster and fewer appointments. For individuals with missing teeth, ABQ Dentures provides a comfortable, contemporary twist on discovering their new smile, whether through implant-supported bridges, complete dentures, partial dentures or bridges.

You can be sure—if you have missing teeth, we can provide the most rewarding experience possible. Call ABQ Dentures today to schedule your appointment.

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