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Cracked Tooth Repair Albuquerque NMWhether you’ve suffered a serious fall or sports-related injury, or if you’ve chewed on a pencil or bitten down on a hard piece of candy, there are countless ways that teeth can become damaged or cracked. While you may or may not be aware of your cracked tooth, it’s important to understand that even the slightest crack can jeopardize the life of your tooth, leading to decay and infection. Fortunately, there are several options for repairing cracked teeth, giving patients the peace of mind to smile again.

In regards to a cracked tooth, both restorative and/or cosmetic treatments may be used. Yet, dental professionals must first classify the type of dental crack sustained. For instance, tiny cracks that are noticeable in the outer enamel are called craze lines. More common in adults, these cracks are shallow and typically do not cause pain. Even so, patients may seek cosmetic therapy to diminish their appearance.

In another case, when a piece or section of a tooth’s chewing surface breaks away or cracks, it is called a fractured cusp. Surprisingly, a fractured cusp does not elicit severe pain, yet dentists may place a putty-like substance on the tooth’s surface that is then sculpted to match the shape of the tooth. This is called dental bonding.

Without question, when a crack develops in a tooth that extends from the biting surface towards the root, intervention is key to saving the tooth. Treatment may consist of root canal therapy, a customized crown, or both. In turn, when the crack begins at the root and extends towards the biting surface, this is classified as vertical root fracture. While pain is often nonexistent, patients may develop a gum or bone infection.

When a crack has been present in a tooth for a long period of time, it may appear to break into cracked segments. This is regarded as a split tooth. In the majority of cases, the tooth cannot be saved intact, and will need to be removed. Yet, a dental implant is a highly effective solution for replacing a natural tooth following an extraction.

Chances are, when you realize that you have a cracked tooth, you may begin to worry. Yet, advancements in restorative and cosmetic dentistry have enabled dental professionals to safely and successfully repair them.

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