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Dirty-looking teeth ‘falsies’—they can rob your overall confidence to smile! So what are you supposed to do to maintain the well-polished look of your dentures? Of course, you have to take it out from your mouth after eating and clean it immediately. You need to observe this practice regularly because if you fail to do so, you might end up living with an unattractive oral device.

Dentures are like real teeth. Think of them as something that needs adequate hygiene and care. Yes, dental devices cannot be affected by cavities, but it is not a valid reason for you to compromise them. Remember that they can still be a vessel for oral complications and diseases. If plaque is not washed well from the teeth replacement, bacteria follows. If these microorganisms reach the other oral structures, expect an undesirable outcome. Know the adverse effects of dirty dentures below.


The Impact Of Dirty Dentures

Infections in the mouth arise

Do you own a removable denture? You are unfortunately more prone to infections—especially if you do not invest in cleaning your oral device daily. Like what we have mentioned above, plaque and other deposits tend to cling in the teeth replacement. These residues can collect bacteria, fungi, and viruses that are detrimental to oral health.

Lesser saliva production

The benefits of saliva are transparent: it removes unnecessary debris in the mouth, fights off bad breath, and performs protective functions. But whether you like it or not, you need to accept the fact that saliva tends to decrease as the age increases. And sadly, if you are wearing dentures, the teeth replacement can even aggravate this occurrence. That is why it is essential to moisten your oral device every day through soaking and cleaning using a non-drying product.

An embarrassing smile

Imagine wearing a restorative device with yellow and brown patches—would you still be comfortable to smile in front of others? Discolorations are possible when you miss cleaning your dentures every day. But what’s more heartbreaking is, dirty dentures can also allow the wearer to suffer from oral malodor.


Do something about it!

Dentures ought to restore your smile—not blemish it. Take action to bring back the neat appearance of your teeth replacement now! We at ABQ Dentures have good news for you! Did you know that denture cleaning & polishing is available in our clinic? You heard it right! It is not just your pearly whites that need professional assistance but your dentures as well.


Are you interested in the said dental service? Contact us at ABQ Dentures now! Our Denture Cleanings in Albuquerque, NM is designed to regain the beautiful aesthetic of your teeth replacement.


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