Denture Relines

Are your dentures feeling loose or unstable? You may need to consider a denture reline. Denture relines are a common component of your ongoing denture maintenance. Relining your denture is a simple process that can help you regain a more comfortable and secure fit. At ABQ Dentures, we proudly offer on-site denture relines for patients with partial and complete dentures.

A denture reline involves resurfacing the portion of your denture that comes in contact with your gums. There are different types of relines available, depending on your unique clinical needs. A reline is typically done by using your current dentures and taking a new impression. This allows us to add additional base material that will correspond and adapt to the changes of your edentulous ridge (or the surface of the gums that touches your dentures). A denture reline can instantly provide a more comfortable fit for your dentures.

Importance of a Denture Reline

After tooth loss, the gums begin to shrink due to the fact that it no longer has a tooth root to support. During the first three to four months after tooth loss, this reduction of gum tissues is accelerated, which often requires patients to need a denture reline to accommodate for the change. Your dentures may also need a reline due to bone loss or changes in your jaw alignment that can also occur as a result of missing teeth. At ABQ Dentures, we always educate patients on ways to minimize the shrinkage of toothless gums, which includes scheduling a denture reline at the first sign of denture instability.

Loose fitting dentures should never be ignored. They can cause sore spots on your gums and allow food to get trapped under your dentures, which may result in infection and other disruptive symptoms. Denture instability can also impact speech and retention. If your partial or full denture feels looser than it used to, contact us today to schedule a denture reline. Our Albuquerque denture practice offers a full menu of top quality denture services, including cleanings, relines, repairs and more. At ABQ Dentures, your smile is in good hands.

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