Implant Supported Dentures

When it comes to securing your dentures, the most preferred method is using dental implants. Dental implants have revolutionized the way we replace missing teeth and they can anchor your dentures unlike any other denture choice. ABQ Dentures is proud to offer implant supported dentures, or overdentures, at our leading Albuquerque practice. This remarkable denture solution gives patients a smile replacement that looks, feels and functions most like their natural teeth. If you are interested in securing your current or upcoming dentures with dental implants, we are happy to discuss the details of the process as well as tell you about the significant advantages that implant retained dentures offer.

Implant supported dentures typically involve dental implants. The number of implants needed is determined based on the number of teeth you are replacing, their location in your mouth as well as the type of implant denture you are choosing. Dental implants include titanium posts that are surgically placed into your jawbone. These biocompatible posts fuse to the jawbone over time, a process called osseointegration. They become strong enough to act as your artificial tooth root, which offers unrivaled benefits in terms of how your dentures fit and function as well as your long-term jawbone health and facial appearance. Without a tooth root, the surrounding bone will shrink or atrophy over time due to lack of stimulation. Using dental implants to secure your dentures can help prevent jawbone deterioration and the premature facial aging that often results.

Implant Denture Specialist

At ABQ Dentures, we have a reputable team of dentists who specialize in dentures and implant retained dentures. In fact, Dr. Norby is one of the most qualified prosthodontists in the state for All-on-4 implant dentures. We understand the importance of precision and skilled technique when it comes to placing this type of denture. Our office is also equipped with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art imaging to further facilitate the most accurate placement and long-term success of your implant dentures.

Dentures can be attached to dental implants in a few different ways. Our denture experts will carefully explain the unique functions, complexities and costs of each option to help you make the best decision. At ABQ Dentures, we offer multiple solutions for fixed and removable implant dentures:

  • Removable Dentures Albuquerque NM


    With a removable implant denture option, your dentures can be anchored to dental implants using locator attachments. This enables your dentures to “snap on” to your implants with the help of an o-ring attachment. This type of overdenture is comfortable to wear and allows you to easily remove your dentures to clean them.

  • Fixed Retention Albuquerque NM

    Fixed Retention

    You may also choose a more permanent fixture for your dentures using screw retention. While your dentist can remove a fixed denture for cleaning purposes, your prosthetic teeth can remain securely and comfortably in your mouth throughout the day and night.

Our fixed implant denture options include the revolutionary All-on-4 implant system, which allows as few as four dental implants to support a full upper or lower arch of teeth. The All-on-4 system is known for its high efficiency and unrivaled success, especially for patients who want the most immediate satisfaction in terms of smile aesthetics, chewing function, speech and self-confidence. With this method, you can have fixed implant-supported dentures in a single day!

Choosing between a removable or fixed implant denture is primarily based on your unique clinical needs and personal preferences. Regardless of how you choose to anchor your dentures, you can trust ABQ Dentures for superior, patient-centered care at all times. We take pride in our ability to create a comfortable and rewarding experience for each patient, from our relaxing amenities and advanced technology to our compassionate and knowledge-based care.

If you are struggling to get a secure and comfortable fit with your current dentures or you find yourself avoiding certain foods because of your dentures, contact ABQ Dentures today to schedule an appointment and ask about implant supported dentures. In some cases, we can use your current dentures and upgrade them with dental implant attachments. We look forward to giving you a more stable, long-term solution for your dentures.

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