Comprehensive Denture Services

ABQ Dentures is a modern practice that solely focuses on dentures and teeth replacement. Therefore, our patients can trust that they are getting the highest quality care with the latest denture styles available. We offer complete denture care to adults of all ages using cutting-edge technology in a warm, comfortable environment.

There are a variety of reasons that people lose teeth, including injury, severe decay or advanced gum disease. If missing teeth are not replaced, multiple dental complications can result. Regardless of why you need dentures or how many teeth you have to replace, our denture experts are equipped to address your smile needs with excellence. We deliver superior, patient-centered care at every step so that your denture experience is as rewarding as it should be.

ABQ Dentures offers a full menu of top quality denture styles. Each partial or complete denture set is placed with skilled precision by one of our denture experts. It is important to us that your dentures fit comfortably and feel secure for everyday function. With ABQ Dentures, you can laugh, speak and chew with confidence.

Our comprehensive denture services in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas include the following:

It is our goal to create a place that patients consider home for all of their denture needs, from the initial placement to their ongoing cleaning and repairs. If your dentures are not fitting or functioning the way you’d like, we want to see you. We understand that your smile needs can’t always wait. Therefore, we provide prompt denture adjustments and repairs as well as 24-hour complete dentures.

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