Teeth Extractions

There are times when a natural tooth is beyond saving. This may include cases of severe decay, extensive tooth injury or advanced gum disease. If x-rays confirm that one or more of your teeth needs to be removed, you can trust ABQ Dentures for excellence in teeth extractions. As Albuquerque’s experts in denture services, we understand the importance of removing a tooth appropriately and properly with your long-term health in mind. Our dental professionals not only use techniques to minimize your discomfort during the procedure, but we also have the ability to implement a tooth replacement plan immediately following your extraction. Replacing a missing tooth is crucial to your smile aesthetics, your chewing function and your overall oral health.

Damaged Tooth Removal

When it comes to removing a damaged tooth, you can trust ABQ Dentures for a streamlined and comfortable visit. We utilize advanced imaging and the latest technology available to ensure your tooth is removed conservatively, with the least amount of damage to surrounding tissues and bone. A diseased or decayed tooth can threaten adjacent teeth. Therefore, if you are experiencing pain, swelling or discoloration on one or more of your teeth, it is important that you have it evaluated promptly. We always recommend a root canal, filling or crown if a tooth can be saved. However, in situations when a tooth needs to be removed completely, you can trust ABQ Dentures for knowledgeable, patient-centered care.

It is common for patients to want or need a tooth replacement option immediately following their tooth removal, especially if the missing tooth (or teeth) is located in a visible area of their smile or in a place that is critical for chewing. In such cases, ABQ Dentures can discuss your options for immediate dentures. This can instantly restore your smile and hold the place for your permanent partial or dentures. We also offer same day implant dentures for the most superior smile replacement solution.

If you need to schedule a tooth extraction or want to learn more about our tooth removal techniques, contact ABQ Dentures in Albuquerque today. We offer convenient scheduling, easy financing and unrivaled expertise in tooth replacement. Don’t let a damaged tooth ruin your smile; we can remove it and restore it in a way that looks and feels natural!

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