Denture Cleanings

Just like your natural teeth, your dentures need to be professionally polished and cleaned. This not only helps your dentures look their best, but it also protects your oral health. The American Dental Association recommends that denture wearers schedule a professional denture cleaning every twelve months to avoid bacteria accumulation and tartar build-up. Plaque naturally builds up on your gums and teeth throughout the day as you eat and drink. However, once plaque hardens, it needs to be removed by the special instruments and cleaning solutions of a dental professional. While your dentures are resistant to decay, they can still harbor harmful bacteria and plaque, which can invade your gums and spread to any existing natural teeth. This can put you at risk for gum disease and other dental complications. To ensure your dentures stay clean and beautiful and are not a threat to your dental health, schedule a denture cleaning at ABQ Dentures.

Professional Denture Polishing

Our modern denture practice in Albuquerque is equipped with specialized denture cleaning equipment and top grade materials when it comes to denture polishing. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide unmatched quality within a full menu of denture services. Not only do we offer the most proven options in full and partial dentures, but we make it a priority to help patients retain their denture results for as long as possible. In doing so, we offer repairs, relines and cleanings as part of our ongoing denture maintenance. Whether you have implant-retained dentures or traditional removable dentures, we can polish your prosthetic teeth to reveal a more confident and healthy shine. A denture cleaning includes eliminating harmful bacteria, tartar and stubborn stains from all areas of your full or partial. Before you leave, one of our denture experts can also educate you on the best ways to care for your dentures at home and address any concerns you may have regarding your denture fit.

If you would like to schedule a denture cleaning at ABQ Dentures, please contact us today. We offer flexible scheduling including Saturday appointments for your convenience. You can expect a comfortable, rewarding visit when choosing ABQ Dentures in Albuquerque.

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