Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are an excellent solution to bridge the gap of missing teeth. This type of tooth replacement is designed for patients who still have healthy existing teeth to attach the denture in place. As part of our denture services, ABQ Dentures proudly offers a variety of high quality, natural-looking partial dentures to restore your smile the way you deserve. Partial dentures can be made from a plastic base that secures the teeth to the gums or a metal framework that anchors the dentures to your natural teeth. We have an experienced team of denture experts that can help you determine which partial denture option is best for you.

Partial dentures offer significant benefits towards your smile aesthetics, your everyday function and your oral health. Partials can enhance and balance the appearance of your smile as well as improve your speech and chewing function. Replacing your missing teeth with a partial can also protect your dental health. Partials prevent your natural teeth from shifting into the empty space of missing teeth. Shifting teeth can disrupt your bite alignment and create a crooked smile that is more difficult to keep clean. For a beautiful and healthy smile, consider partial dentures sooner rather than later. At ABQ Dentures, the process is easy and the reward is great.

Partial Dentures in A Day!

ABQ Dentures gives patients multiple options in partial dentures, including those that can be ready in a single day. When you want to save time and money in restoring your smile, we’ve got a partial denture design just for you. Our modern denture practice in Albuquerque is known for our ability to deliver premium denture sets with highlighted patient convenience. We’ve stocked our office with the latest dental technology and a staff of compassionate and skilled denture specialists. We understand the unique concerns that patients face when replacing missing teeth. Not only do we provide a comfortable and stress-free environment, but we can also create your new smile in faster, fewer appointments.

A removable partial denture will consist of natural-looking replacement teeth on a gum-colored base. Partials can be made of different materials, including acrylic resin or metal. We will carefully explain the benefits of each according to your unique needs and preferences. Your partial can be anchored onto your natural teeth using attachments or clasps. It may be necessary to have crowns placed on your attachment teeth to improve the fit of your partial. At ABQ Dentures, we work hard to ensure your dentures provide the most comfortable fit possible. It is important to us that you walk away completely satisfied in your new smile.

Want to learn more about our same day partial dentures in Albuquerque? Contact ABQ Dentures today to schedule a consultation. We accept most dental insurance plans and we offer flexible financing plans to make your smile investment more affordable.

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